The canal that began as a means for trade, has now made it possible to exchange
cuisines, flavours and experiences between the countries on its route and India.
This waterway is the walkway that will make it possible for you to embark on #TheSuezExperience.

The stellar fusion of worldly flavours backed by a contemporary ambience are the key ingredients that make dining at ‘The Suez India’ a one of its kind experience. The Suez Experience as we like to call it is all about bringing to Ludhiana a culmination of the aesthetics and flavours from the banks of the Suez Canal. Whether it’s the authentic Neapolitan Pizza or the Zesty Cocktails, the Choicest of Cheese Treats or Fusion Delicacies, our ample menu has something for everyone to feast on. To accompany your meals the Suez has classic cocktails and mocktails served with a hint of twist. Not only can you feast on an array of different foods but you can take a part of that experience home. Choose from a spread of world-class cheese and organic products, from The Suez’s in house Cellar. If you’re looking to have just amazing food, there is a variety of restaurants you could visit. But if you’re looking forward to having amazing food, in a tranquil setting and an overall heavenly experience – The Suez awaits you.