The Vendita and Cellar

A delightful corner to tuck into international cheese and experience the journey of Thee Suez with your palate, the Vendetta takes cheese tasting and pairing to a whole new level of suave. The Cellar lets you take home a part of #TheeSuezExperience via international cheese, authentic kombucha, global pickles, healthy goodies and a lot more.

The Bar

The drinks menu at Thee Suez was uniquely curated after a lot of reflection and inspiration drawn from some of the most iconic people from History. Whether it’s the luxurious Coco Chanel or the exemplary Guru Dutt, our signature drinks will ultimately leave you awe-inspired, both of the stunning personality they are named after and well, Thee Suez.

The Chef’s Studio

As the name suggests, all the culinary magic takes place here, right in front of your eyes. A live station, catering to your Italian and Mexican palate is a dream come true. Tacos made to your choice with Indian twists, pasta cooked piping hot on perfectly aged cheese wheels and a cheese fondue to dip everything in dripping liquid gold – if this doesn’t sound like heaven, we don’t know what does!