An amalgamation of everything unique.

As the name goes, The Suez takes you on a journey along
The Suez Canal by bringing you food, drinks and experiences from its banks.

The canal that began as a means for trade, has now made it possible to exchange
cuisines, flavours and experiences between the countries on its route and India.
This waterway is the walkway that will make it possible for you to embark on #TheSuezExperience.

Indulge in a culinary global affair with mouthwatering
delicacies from around the globe, crafted to satiate the food traveler in you.

The Suez’s menu is a craftful collaboration of
Indigenous flavours from the heartland and the exotic tastes from foreign lands.
Revel in the authentic Mexican or Italian flavours served most humbly with Indian twists.

Take home a part of The Suez with you everytime you
come in the form of delicious and healthy foods and drinks

Dig into organic goodies, healthy baked goods,
an array of world-class cheeses and more at home!